Today, English is one of the most important languages worldwide. Therefore, we English teachers at the Stiftsgymnasium Admont set a high value on our teaching and strive towards planning our lessons carefully and individually to enable our students to interact with people all over the world. Learning English is definitely hard work in terms of studying vocabulary but English should also be fun and made lively by various games, creative lessons, role plays and interactions with Native Speakers.

In the following we will show different facets of our communicative and individual English lessons. Enjoy!

SpOOked – a play performed by the Vienna’s English theatre group!


On October, 31st the English theatre group performed their play „Spooked“ live on stage in our school’s big festive room. The students of the 2nd and 3rd forms relished watching the humorous and thrilling play and they especially cherished the actors` friendliness and their willingness to sign autographs.

So what is the play „Spooked“ all about?


„I liked to read the book because it was very interesting and exciting! (Max, 2B)

„My favourite character is Washington. He is so funny. Washington has clever ideas and often helps his sister. What is more, I like Virginina too. She loves history and so do I.“ (Jasmin, 2A)

„I liked the booklet and the performance on stage. It wasn’t too lomng and it was funny. It was a cool test and also very thrilling.“ (Mirjam, 2B)

„My favourite character is Washington because he plays funny video games and I also like Virginia. I don’t like Mrs. Otis because she wants to sell the castle“ (Anna, 2B)

„I liked to read the book because I love to read fantasy books. Yesterday we watched the performance on stage. That was so cool!“ (Johanna, 2A)



The students of 4C were asked to read some English books. Out of these they chose their top 3 and then presented them in class. They set up tables with decorations and treats, then answered all kinds of questions regarding their books. Everyone – including the teacher – now has some ideas on what to read in the upcoming summer holidays.


UNCLE BILL’S WILL – a play by David Taylor performed by 3D

Drunken sailors, stupid pirates and witty children searching for a treasure? Combine all that and you’re in the middle of Uncle Bill’s Will by David Taylor. He himself led the theater workshop and the students of 3D were enthusiastic about putting another script – after having already performed The Secret Gate in year 2 – into reality. Jack Sparrow may have been one hell of an influence. Thanks, David, for another awesome workshop!

Dear Mr. President


Global climate change has already had observable effects on the environment. Glaciers have shrunk, ice on rivers and lakes is breaking up earlier, plant and animal ranges have shifted and trees are flowering sooner, because Earth's average temperature has increased about 2 degrees Fahrenheit during the 20th century. All of this is a pretty BIG deal- for us, but for future generation as well. 

Someone who likes to think BIG is the 45th President of the United States, former businessman and reality TV personality, Donald J. Trump. Sadly, Mr. Trump thinks climate change is a hoax, or even better: A Chinese Invention. 

Learning about and studying up on all kinds of climate facts and changes during their English lessons, 6A put their formal letter writing skills to good use and sent the US president some educational messages on why climate change is real and how he could help to solve it. According to their motto 'Make Climate Great Again' the students hope for their letters to be received  by the White House in Washington and to make a positive impact on current American climate politics. 


We hope to hear from you soon, Mr. President.




Sherlock Groans

From Admont to America - A Skype Interview with Cameron

On the 6th of December 2018, the students of 6A had the privilege to talk to Cameron Haddad, a 23 year old American Business and Film student, based in California. Cameron, who was born in Louisianan and moved to California recently, answered 6A's questions about how he is affected by the wildfires in California, whether or not he believes in climate change and what American people are doing to help the environment. The students also had the chance to engage in a lively discussion about Trump's presidency and in what way his climate change policies are an attack on the fight against climate change in general. After reviewing Leonardo DiCaprios' movie on climate change, Before the Flood, and debating whether or not it is helpful for the process of solving an issue when famous people get involved, 6A said goodbye to Cameron and let him get back to bed (4 am American time).


A BIG THANK YOU from Admont to America! Until next time!


Why music?

Did the 3D forget that the school year has already started again or why do they constantly listen to music? They’re talking about their favorite music and that is way! Presenting their favorite artists also includes listening to their favorite songs – from modern pop to German rap, everything is covered! See some of their music boxes that accompany their presentations in the pictures below!

A visit from „Disney Africa“

At the end of the 1st semester Byron Hart, a Namibian hunter and safari guide, paid a visit to two English groups. He presented his home country – admirably called Disney Africa – to the kids telling them about the landscape, the people and the fauna, showed them many amazing pictures of the fantastic wild life there and even brought some trophies with him. Thanks, Byron, for the visit – we had a great time with you!
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