Today, English is one of the most important languages worldwide. Therefore, we English teachers at the Stiftsgymnasium Admont set a high value on our teaching and strive towards planning our lessons carefully and individually to enable our students to interact with people all over the world. Learning English is definitely hard work in terms of studying vocabulary but English should also be fun and made lively by various games, creative lessons, role plays and interactions with Native Speakers.

In the following we will show different facets of our communicative and individual English lessons. Enjoy!

Australia – the land Down Under

The 4th forms did a lot of „virtual” travelling this year ;) They first explored Ireland, then roamed the streets of NYC and finally took a trip down under, to Australia. 

Getting to know the different cultures, exploring cities and countries as tourists and investigate local traditions were the basis for different assignments. The students created Insta-stories telling about their experiences and adventures, had a look into the local cuisine by searching for traditional recipes, organized travel schedules and looked into different sights to explore. They collected much information, had insights into the diverse cultures of the English-speaking world and enjoyed their travel experiences ;) Have a look at some of their works concerning Australia which were brilliant!


Travelling back in time – London history

Not even the pandemic kept the students of 3B from travelling – but only back in time ;) While learning about and exploring London, they were asked to choose either the Great Fire of London or the Great Plague of London. After investigating the topic further, they put their findings into these little brochures or booklets. Have a look and inform yourselves on historic London!


Even though home office differs a lot compared to normal English lessons, the 1st grade students also work at full speed at home.

After learning about pirates in class (live video conferences), they had to create their own “message in a bottle”.

The message includes a description of the pirate “Nasty Nick” and additionally includes a “picture” of his terrible looks.  

There were no limits to creativity and the results are impressive! See for yourself.

“Reading is like a box of cereals; one can never get enough of it!”


Reading is an important part of language acquisition. Therefore, our students ought to read numerous books during their school career not only to improve their language skills, but also to broaden their horizon. The 3rd grade students were asked to read a book of their choice (preferably a book suitable for their language level), which they proudly presented with the help of cornflakes boxes. The creative and painstakingly designed boxes were used as a presentation tool and in small groups (and in compliance with the Covid19 measures) they had to present their masterpieces to their classmates. As a highlight, they had to put 5 items into the box, which appeared in the book or helped to recreate the content of the book.

The creative corn flakes boxes now decorate the classrooms and maybe tempt other students to also read that/those book(s).


Let's Learn The Alphabet


The 1st grade students learned the English alphabet in a playful way. First the individual letters were discussed and written down in a simplified version of the phonetic transcription. The students also sang the "Alphabet Song" and enjoyed the tune. Then the letters were painted in bright colors and hung up in the classroom.  In order to practice the letters the students played "Hangman" in pairs and small groups. In the meantime, the teacher kept showing "letter cookies". If the students pronounced them correctly, they were rewarded with the biscuit. A few days later, the teacher brought wooden letters and "double-checked" the students' knowledge. "Learning by doing" is our motto and the 1st forms thoroughly relished the cookies...erm...learning the alphabet! :-D

A ghost with a troubled love-life

After reading the story of Archibald, the students were asked to give advice to poor Archibald who was left by his girlfriend even though he endured lots of troubles just for her. Here’s a brilliant example of an e-mail by Felix Hüttenbrenner (2B). Enjoy reading!

Creative Easter Stories

What happens when rolling a dice decides upon the story you have to write?

Here are two examples of Easter stories by students of 2B. With the help of the dice, they got to know about the main character of the story, the setting and the problem that had to be solved. The results? Super creative and funny Easter stories! But have a look yourselves!


Love Letters to David

The students of the 7th form were asked to write love letters to David! After being sceptical at first, they started to thoroughly enjoy their task! Maybe some have even discovered their romantic side!

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